La Cueva del Viento .

Volcano Chambers No.6 from “Landscape Gradients”

This collection is made with Red clays and Oxides, all materials from the South of Vietnam.

Exploration of the landscape shapes and the negative space.

Like volcano chambers, when the lava retiree and cools down, it leaves behind an empty space, often forming caves or containing underground water systems, connected to each ether.

“I start building up the container from the negative space left behind, the skin of the vase will be colored with oxides pigments, using the rubbing technique to compres the particles, creating a smooth rich and waterproof skin surface.”- Leandro Marcelino.

Leandro prepares the surface of the pieces with natural pigments and Oxides recreating skin alike texture, to stablish a discussion topic on skin colors and post colonization color shame.